S01E07 – Regret, Racism, and Change

War Prayer is considered an “important” episode, but for myself and Dr Song – two PoC who have dealt with racism, ethnocentrism, and discrimination in various forms most of our lives – the obvious subject matter of this episode is simply not what immediately stands out as very important or worth spending a ton of time on. Believe me when I say that many PoC are tired of talking about, and having to explain to others, how discrimination effects them … especially these days. I think episodes like this stir up more thoughts and feelings of resonance and revelation in the primarily white male demographic that early scifi shows were aimed at.

As I have said before … media is entirely subjective so remember not to project your feelings or expectations onto someone else’s experience. This project is about Dr Song’s journey and connection with Babylon 5, not your own. These sessions are merely to show the process of media therapy and for you to gain exposure to someone else’s point of view and transference with content that is new for them.

That said …

This session does contain some emotional content that Dr Song handles extremely well; things that I actually didn’t expect her to touch upon. In your viewing of this I just remind you again to be respectful of the process and the vulnerability on display. I don’t think anything she brings up is enough to warrant a full trigger warning, but I wanted to just put it out there in case anyone is dealing with, or has dealt with, anything referenced.

Special thanks to Mike Finney for his question in the comments on the last video. It is addressed in full at the end of the session.

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