S1E13 – What Do You Want?

This is the first episode of Babylon 5 that Dr Song thoroughly enjoyed from a fan perspective. I can say that I have never witnessed her so engrossed in an episode until now. It was really fun to watch this episode with her.

Up to this point in the series it’s been a bit of a boring and tedious journey. The series starts off kind of interesting and then devolves into one-off episodes that are hardly connected to the main overall plot as JMS seems to have invited all his friends (and his wife) to write episodes and push agendas.

Dr Song was pulled in primarily by the Sinclair / Minbari mystery but then lost interest as the subject was almost completely sidelined until now. She was really sucked back into the show this episode and I promised her that the story would get much more interesting, and things would tie together more as the season finishes up.

If you liked this please let us know!

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