S01E02 – Soul Hunter Thoughts

Great day of filming. Dr Song was feeling really good and her usual chronic health issues and pain was very manageable. This video was actually several hours long and all of it interesting. I tried to trim it down without taking out much. It was a rare, good day, so I wanted to preserve as much of that as possible. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we get more days like this going forward.

This first video is mainly focused on Jennie’s ideas about the soul hunter, spirituality, death, and what the term “soul” means to her. I also weigh in with my own thoughts, after seeing this episode after so long … what is up with that SUS machine they use? Did they make it? Or find the tech? I’m finding myself asking more questions about the Soul Hunters than I ever did before.

We also get to see her start to piece together the connection between Sinclair and the Minbari. For those of us who already know what happens, it’s interesting to see her current theory … it’s not too far off. (GRIN) I am really looking forward to her discovering the whole truth. Episode 2 really gives A LOT away.

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